Saturday, February 8, 2014

Updates! Get your updates here...

I'm about halfway finished with my casting class. I've only actually cast one thing so far, but I think this is quickly becoming one of my favorite techniques! I'm still getting the hang of wax carving - I have no idea what shape carving tool is supposed to do what, and I still have trouble planning and thinking in 3D - but I'm having a lot of fun learning!

Here are a few in-progress photos and the finished result of my first ring:

I'm now trying to carve another ring inspired by a medieval design and I think I'm going to make another smaller flower ring in class tomorrow that I'll cast in silver. So fun! I've been trawling Craigslist for casting equipment and kilns in my spare time... Maybe wishful thinking right now, but hopefully soon in the future.

Here are a few other pieces that I have made in the last month (all listed on my website and Etsy shop)

Rhodonite Cocktail Ring

Herkimer Diamond Prong Pendant

Crazy Lace Agate Link Bracelet

Petrified Wood & Amethyst Pendant

I have some other pretty stones in the works on my bench that I'm excited about too. Hopefully it won't take me a whole month to update next time!