Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bathroom Organization Part 2: Guest Bath Linen Closet

I don't actually open the door to the linen closet very often. Part of the reason is that it's in the guest bathroom, awkwardly situated behind the bathroom door. The other part is that I usually just wash and replace the same set of towels and sheets in each of the bedrooms and bathrooms. The linen closet is just long term storage for extra towels, sheet sets I don't really like, extra toilet paper, tissues and the iron (which never gets used to iron clothes!).

I did open the door the the linen closet the other day and I was struck by how messy it was. Here, take a look:

The shelf support for the bottom shelf has been missing since we bought the house, so with one less shelf I just stuffed the extra towels in haphazardly. Organizing articles say that rolling towels is a space saving, attractive solution for linen storage, but obviously that's not the case here...

My husband nailed a leftover piece of wood to the wall as a new shelf support (I would have done it myself, but for some reason he gets nervous when I have a hammer... no idea why...) and I put the bottom shelf back on.

That gave me the chance to move the Clorox wipes and extra boxes of tissues to the newly replaced shelf. I leaned the mini ironing board behind everything on the shelf because I rarely (never) iron anything. I abandoned the idea of rolling towels and folded them all instead on the next shelf up. Then extra hand towels went in the lined basket I found around the house. Folded sheets went next to the basket, kept from toppling over with shelf dividers I had left-over from our closet. The top shelf has extra comforters, old purple bathroom rugs from our apartment (that I really should just donate), and a plastic bin with needle-point and cross stitch I inherited from my grandma that I don't have displayed.

It looks much nicer. It might look neater with some of the stuff corralled in pretty bins or baskets, but I kind of like to be able to see everything and just grab it off the shelf if I need it.

All of these little organizing projects are really just a way to psych myself up for the big, scary pit of doom garage. I think I might move back into the kitchen first, though. I need a little more psyching up!

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