Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Resolution Fever

It's the New Year, so along with all the weight loss ads on TV, there is a huge wave of cleaning and organizing supplies on display in stores. Since weight loss as a resolution hasn't exactly worked out (haha) for me the past few years, I thought I would give home beautification a try this year.

We moved into our house two years ago and we have been slowly getting each room furnished and arranged, but we really only have one room, the lower level family room, totally finished - with new flooring, renovated fireplace, new furniture and new paint. And that was only because we had a flood that ruined the carpet - and even then, it took us almost a year to finish.

So, I have been perusing Pinterest (find me here), and all of the pretty pictures have infected me with an organization/decorating bug. I'll never have a magazine ready house like so many wonderful bloggers on Pinterest (because my default setting is "slob"), but I'm slowly working on getting our house looking more beautiful on a budget. I'll post some updates on the projects that I have been working on. So far I have been concentrating on the kitchen because second to the garage (which is just too intimidating), the kitchen is the least organized room of our house. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the (slightly better) re-organized pantry, the junk drawer, and the second junk drawer (Don't judge, I told you the kitchen was bad!).

Eventually, when money permits, we will work on actually decorating (upgrade from the budget apartment-chic we have going on) along with the organizing. We want to repaint the kitchen cabinets a darker walnut color and put in new tile backsplash (because unless we win the lotto, a whole remodel is not going to happen); rip out the carpets and put down hardwood, get new dining room, living room, office, and guest bedroom furniture (I can hear the credit card groaning already!), build a custom entertainment center, and paint at least two rooms.

Wow! I feel tired (and broke) just looking at this list. It might be a long process, but I will post updates until I get this entire house organized and decorated!

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