Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I've Been Up To - March 10-16

Here's an update on what I've been doing at my jewelry desk for the past week...

It was a pretty slow jewelry week for me... I made an infinity ring and a pair of sleeper hoop earrings for an Etsy order. Then I messed around with my copper sun pendant after I set the stone and finalized polishing it and realized the bail wasn't securely soldered on (by accidentally twisting it off), after which I got to take out the stone and come up with a new way to attach the bail to the pendant. I'm still deciding if I want to hang a citrine or carnelian bead from the bottom, but I have a trip to the bead shop in store for tomorrow, so I'll decide when I see what they have. Then I'll polish the pendant (again!), set the stone (again!), and make a chain for it. Then I think I'll finally list it on Etsy.

I DID just get a supply order in, which included a teeny-tiny 3x3 inch square of solid sterling silver sheet in it. I have a pretty lapis lazuli cabochon that I want to set in silver, so this next week I'm planning on working on that. And someone also asked for my latest copper and pearl earrings to be made in sterling, so if I have enough of the sheet left over, I will make those as well.

Other than that, I cleaned my desk (a messy job!) and my husband is hard at work making me a pliers organizer.

Until next week!

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