Saturday, March 23, 2013

What I've been up to - March 17 - 23

Here's an update on what I've been doing at my jewelry desk for the past week...

My husband used his mad carpentry skills to make me a pliers organizer. It makes it so much easier to keep my desk clean!

I stumbled across some Youtube videos and learned to make a fold formed leaf. I really love these! I'm going to make some in sterling silver as soon as I get over my anxiety of cutting into my little expensive sheet of silver.

Copper Foldformed Leaf - in my Etsy shop

I finally finished and listed the sun pendant! I oxidized it and also decided on cotton cord instead of a viking knit chain.

Copper and Yellow Calcite Sun Pendant - in my Etsy shop

On the custom shop orders front, I made and sent off five knot bracelets to a bride on the East coast, a good handful of stacking rings to various people, and I'm working on another five knot bracelets going to a bride in the South.

Other than that, I did finally work up enough courage to cut a corner from my little sheet of sterling to make a bezel set lapis lazuli pendant. I had a lot of trouble getting the bezel soldered down with my microtorch, so I took it out to the garage and blasted it with my MAPP gas beadmaking torch. It certainly did the trick, but the flame is so huge it was a bit overkill. I need to look for an affordable propane jewelry making torch for the larger pieces that my microtorch can't handle. For the lapis pendant, all I have left to do is solder on the bail (which will also need the big torch again) and set the stone.

Next week is some boring business administration stuff and less actual jewelry making, unfortunately. I have to get my beginning of year inventory off my chicken scratched handwritten notebook pages and into an excel spreadsheet before I forget what my shorthand notes mean. And I have to order some more business cards but I'm not happy with my (non-existant) graphic design skills. Then hopefully I'll get to hammer away on some metal.

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