Monday, May 6, 2013

What I've Been Up To - April 20 - May 4

Busy! I've been busy!

But not with actually making any new jewelry. I've been making custom rings and things for orders from my Etsy shop, but other than that, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and make anything new.

I spent quite a bit of time last week getting ready for the Snohomish Gift and Craft Bazaar on May 11th. I ordered a whole bunch of table cloths and display components and I sat down and price tagged all of my inventory. I don't like any of the earring cards or display tags available from jewelry suppliers, so I ended up designing my own and printed them on cardstock. I also went the less expensive route for my booth sign and printed out a color 11x17 and mounted it on foam board. I think I'll eventually get a vinyl sign for future craft shows, but I wanted to wait a little while for it.

My husband also built me a custom earring card rack - which I painted to match the necklace displays he made me last year.

Everything about that rack is handmade... The jewelry, the display card, the rack itself!

He is still going to make me one more riser display stand then I should be pretty much done with my display. I have the "table" set up on my living room floor right now. We don't have any 8 foot long tables in the house, so I just laid out my table cloths and am pretending that the floor is a table. It works for me!

I am also trying to put the finishing touches on the handouts for my wire wrapping classes at Beadworld, too. But I managed to misplace the step-by-step directions that I wrote out for one of my classes. Think good thoughts for me that I'll find it in the next few days!

I have some last minute things I want to make this week to beef up my inventory a little bit. Hopefully I'll have enough time to get to them!

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