Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I've Been Up To - May 5 - 11

Updates from my jewelry desk for the last week...

Another busy week! I spent the week preparing for my Saturday craft fair - painted my displays, finished up putting price tags on everything, and got everything packed and ready to go.

In between all that, I made a half dozen sterling silver bangles - one with wide patterned wire and the rest hammered thin bands. They are still packed away from the show, but I'll share pictures as soon as I can dig them (and the camera) out.

And in between that, another big pile of stacking rings for Etsy orders. 

The Snohomish Gift and Craft Bazaar was a success. I made a good amount of sales, got a lot of good feedback, and quite a few people took a business card to check my shop out later. 

Here was my table:

I'm pretty happy with my display. I'm sure I will tweak it a bit for each craft show, but I have room to add more jewelry to the 8 foot sized table but I can still shrink it down to a 6 foot table without having to remove anything.

And right after I got home from the Snohomish show, I found an acceptance email in my inbox for a holiday show I applied for! 

So clear your calendars for November 2nd, 2013! I'll be at the Woodinville Holiday Craft Fair at Woodmoor Elementary School. I'll update with more info as we get closer to November.

Up for next week is getting ready for my wire wrapping classes at Beadworld in Seattle. I never did find the papers that I wrote some of my directions on, so I have to sit down and "virtually" make the earrings in my head so I can write it down step by step.

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