Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Better late than never? What I've Been Up To Since June 1st

Wow! I've sadly neglected my updates... Very sorry! Here's what I've been doing (obviously not blogging!)

I made matching earrings and necklace from the pretty turquoise I bought during one of our road trips. It's really nice turquoise - probably stabilized but not reconstituted - a very nice typical "turquoise" blue with a nice dark gray/black matrix.

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant For sale in my Etsy shop!

I also finished the jasper pendant I shared the in-progress picture of in my last update. I set it with prongs on both sides so it can be worn with either side facing out (although it does technically have a "front"). It's also in Argentium silver, which doesn't tarnish as quickly as standard sterling silver. I don't have nice pictures yet, and I still need to figure out if I want a cord or chain to hang it from. I'm leaning towards cord...

I have also been playing around with setting faceted stones. I ordered a whole bunch of lab-created rubies and sapphires and different colored CZs to give it a try. I made a ruby ring - probably just for myself since I cut the seat a little too deep in the setting and managed to solder the ring shank just a little off center. It's pretty and sparkly, though and I look forward to making more of these! I also think the 6 mm size stone would work great in simple necklace and earring designs, too.

My best friend and her mom came out from the Chicago area a couple weekends ago to visit and see Seattle. I had fun playing tourist with them for a long weekend. We did the Ducks tour (amphibious WWII vehicle driving downtown, then driving right into Lake Union for a short boat tour, with lots of puns and quacking), Pike Place, Space Needle and the Chihuly Museum of Glass. And of course, Mount Rainier. Everybody who visits us gets dragged out to Mount Rainier... Here's some photographic evidence:

My friend is also an artist, (with her own Etsy shop) and drew us portraits of our canaries and chickens while she was here. Love them!

I'm looking forward to taking the bus back into downtown Seattle for a gem show on Friday. Not sure what I'm looking to buy there, but I'll bet that I find something!

After that, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are flying in to stay with us, so I'll probably be MIA from updating here for a while again. But hopefully not for as long!

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